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Digital Yacht Crew: the engineer

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Part 2 in a series about Yacht Service without Crew Members.

As 100+-feet yacht owners trust their engineers in taking care of the technical issues aboard, owners of smaller luxury yachts depend on their own skills when faced with technical troubles at sea or in foreign harbors.

Even though local yacht service suppliers may give good advice on a possible fix, the advice will be biased and based on a desire to sell. How to make wise, technical decisions without a private chief engineer aboard?

When it comes down to resolving technical issues three elements are key for a quick resolution: technical knowledge, skills and hands-on execution. A seasoned chief engineer has these three skills, a regular yacht owner might have one of them but unless his name is MacGyver, lacks at least one of them.

Marinminds instantly delivers the technical skills, knowledge and hands-on experience with the “Engineer Connect Package”

• Your trusted yacht service supplier analyses data from the onboard systems, warns you and fixes issues remotely (even before you’ve noticed them)

• Ship health monitoring - powered by AI the ship health monitoring system, learns and detects anomalies upfront.

• Remote software upgrades - provides you with a fast, simple and convenient solution to keep the software on your yacht up-to-date.

Let’s start with technical knowledge: to find the source of an issue an engineer needs to know the ship, he needs to know which components are installed and the architecture of the system. With this in mind he is able to trace down the source of the problem.

Skills: With his experience and skills he is than able to find a proper solution. Based on factors as time, availability of components, money and severance he’ll pick the best solution at the moment.

Hands-on experience: Most of us know the story of Greybeard Engineer: Picking the right tools is one, know where to hit is more valuable. Getting the right parts to the right place, physically exchanging parts on-site or resetting a system: the best engineers rely on their experience.

Back to your luxury yacht...

The alternative to having a chief engineer on your 50-feet yacht is to have your yacht connected. With a connected yacht you’ll give remote access to your trusted engineer ashore.

A remote engineer might even be better than a chief engineer aboard, a remote and connected engineer:

• Has direct access to the list of components, technical plans from the yacht builder and instruction manuals of all fitted components.

• Has direct contact with suppliers and dealer-networks and thus is able to quickly deliver components around the world.

• Has detailed information on regular and known issues of similar yachts, stored in his database and instantly accessible.

• With the remote data-connection, is able to detect issues upfront, and powered by AI the ship health monitoring system, learns and detects anomalies upfront.

Digital Yacht Crew connects you to your luxury yacht, crew and the world: benefit from digital services and experience comfort, entertainment and safety without the hassle.

Extraordinary yachting experiences through instant assistance: Marinminds

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